Product Development

Our services start in our in-house lab with product development.  Our experienced Cosmetic Chemists & R&D team can develop a custom formula or create a match for your existing formula.  All products pass stability & challenge, micro testing and are FDA compliant.  We do not test on animals.

Contract Manufacturing

Our experienced compounding engineering team blends with cGMP compliant quality a variety of products.  To ensure purity and quality in all products, we use always use water purified using a reverse osmosis water purification system.  Contract Manufacturing capabilities include batches as small as 100gal to as large as 2000gal tanks.

Contract Filling

Whatever your product containers & packaging may be, we can fill it.  Our capabilities include both hot and cold fills.  We operate 26 lines that have filling ranges of single-serve pouches1/8oz vials or even bulk.  Production capability for liquid, creams, and gels is up to 22,000 pieces and 5,000-20,000 per shift for hot fill.  We also offer tube filling utilizing hot air ultrasonic sealers.

Turnkey Solutions

From the formulation of your product, packaging & art, warehousing to distribution.  Let us procure your product.  After all, Liquids & gels are our business.

Our Facility is FDA and ATF registered and we operate under the CGMP guidelines. Our company is also a member of the Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD), the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and the Chicago Perfumery, Soap and Extract Association.We continually update our formulas and introduce new products to embrace the latest in cosmetic ingredient technology. We do not use any unnecessary harsh chemicals or preservatives.


– 100 Gallon Minimum Batch
– We can sell in bulk and fill products in pails, drums or totes
– Or we can fill, cap, code and label your packaging
– Tube filling: 5,000 pieces per product


– Labeling
– Shrink Wrapping
– Crimping
– Induction Sealing
– Kit & Display Assembly
– Label / Logo Design & Artwork
– Provide Assistance in coordinating your project
– Shrink Sleeves
– Pouches


– Creams
– Lotions
– Gels
– Hair gels
– Stick Deodorants
– Pouches
– Liquids
– Alcohol Products
– Hair Care
– Facial & Body Care
– Spa Treatment
– Cream Make-Up
– Relaxer Kits