Product Development

Our research and development team of chemists can custom formulate a wide variety of products in the health and beauty (HBA) and the household, industrial and institutional (HI&I) industry segments. Our chemistry experience also provides solutions for the topical OTC drug, pet care, and outdoor sports markets. We can also reproduce, modify or improve your own existing formula at your request, or even reverse-engineer existing formulations with content unknown. All products developed by Solo or with a customer-supplied formula are manufactured and tested to ensure the highest quality. We continually update our formulas and introduce new products to embrace the latest ingredient technology. We never test on animals and can formulate your products to meet green content requirements as much as possible.

Our products include, but are not limited to:


– Shampoos
– Conditioners
– Hair Gels
– Treatments
– Relaxers
– Oils
– Hair Spray


– Masks & Scrubs
– Moisturizers
– Cleansers
– Toners
– Body Lotions
– Body Butter
– Creams
– Shower Gels
– Massage Oils
– Body Mists


– Lipsticks
– Cream Foundations
– Lip Balms
– Shade Matching


– Colognes– Hand Sanitizers
– Foaming Products
– Antibacterial Soap
– Depilatories
– Cold Waves
– Bleach/ Fade Creams
– Oral Rinses and Teeth Brighteners
– Household

Our Facility is FDA and ATF registered and we operate under the CGMP guidelines. Our company is also a member of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD), the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and the Chicago Perfumery, Soap and Extract Association.

ISO 22716 Certified